Once a broke classical Indian singer is now a successful entrepreneur

Chandrarupa Gupta is an American woman of Indian origin who is a 7th generation classical Indian dancer. As you may be aware of the fact that the Indian classical singer nowadays don’t have anything other than the awards and medals, same is the case with Chandrarupa’s family but not with Chandrarupa anymore. Chandrarupa recently inaugurated her own SEO agency and also created her own online ice cream store with the money she made with online casinos.

Chandrarupa is very interested in the global politics and she has perhaps always been. Chandrarupa says that the main reason behind communism’s growth was that with the rise of the Industrial age, men and women were losing their body parts with the machines, their lives were becoming hell-like due to the industrialization and the excessive work and physical stress it brought it along. Chandrarupa believes that the Communism was a very smart move which went into wrong hands with time and it was also wrongly implemented. Chandrarupa says that the Communist leaders spent more of their time fighting their imperialist rivals than on their job. Chandrarupa says that no matter how bad Communism was, it was never as bad as the Capitalist state of United States of America and its friends tell us.

Chandrarupa is currently dating a supermodel from the New York City whose grandfather used to be one of the most popular movie directors of his time. Chandrarupa’s boyfriend’s movie director grandfather recently got a knee replacement surgery and now he can walk again, you guess who it is.

About SEO, Chandrarupa says that people need to learn to use logic instead of putting all their trust in Google’s rankings. Chandrarupa says that everybody wants to see their website to show up on the top of the Google’s search results but a very few of those are willing to do what it takes to get there.

Chandrarupa says that she cannot forget the time when she got her first website done, she hired such a nuisance web designer who didn’t even know what a meta page title is and that’s when Chandrarupa decided to learn web designing and SEO herself.

Chandrarupa feels very sorry for the people who believe that they can rank their websites on the top of the search engines without spending a dime just like it used to happen until about 10-15 years ago.

Chandrarupa claims that the most important factor when it comes to ranking a website nowadays is the website speed. Chandrarupa says that nowadays poorly coded but fast websites are much easier to rank than the opposite.

Chandrarupa says that the links in SEO matter as much as they matter in the real life.

Chandrarupa says that if she didn’t feel distracted and bored all the time at the school, she could easily become a doctor.

Being from India, Chandrarupa is very much interested in the Indian history and the prehistoric times of India along with Hindu mythology. Chandrarupa claims that the Shakuni of Mahabharata was a Pathan (Pashtun) from the Kandahar region and a son of the tribal chief of Kandahar at that time and like many Pashtuns, Shakuni was a gay himself who had sexual relations with his own nephew Duryodhana.

Chandrarupa claims that they played golf in the prehistoric India as well and there are many holes that the historians and anthropologists have been thinking of as something else. Chandrarupa remembers seeing a documentary on the National Geographic where they couldn’t understand what those sticks found all over India were but Chandrarupa is certain that these were golf sticks. Chandrarupa assumes that they used to use elephants as golf carts and sometimes the ball would enter the trunk of the elephant instead of going to the hole and elephant would die on the spot.

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