Alvia Amarfi doesn’t eat that frog as the very first thing in the morning but she reads that casino forum instead

Alvia Amarfi loves to listen to the different motivational speakers on the Youtube but she has started hating Brian Tracy since she read his infamous book ‘Eat that Frog’. Alvia says that all her life she gave the utmost importance to the so-called most important tasks but it was only online gambling and reading her favorite casino forum which she used to do in the spare time that made her the most money and fulfilled her dream of becoming a millionaire.

Alvia ia a mother of 5 kids. Her husband died after 11 years of their marriage and Alvia never married again. She sacrificed her youth and almost all good things that come with it to send her kids to the topmost schools and luckily, all her kids are now successful in their field with the most successful one being an internationally acclaimed singer, dancer and actor whom we will call ‘Ishmael’ here.

Ishmael claims that Italy produces better actors than any other nation on the planet but they get almost no credibility. Ishmael believes that the producer and director of the most popular Italian television show ever – Sandokan deliberately chose the Indian actor – Kabir Bedi to play the role of Sandokan in order to defame the Italian actors and their TV industry.

Ishmael always believes in taking a humble approach when it comes to working on new and different projects with unfamiliar actors and other co-workers.

One of Alvia’s daughters – Hagar is a historian and conspiracy theorist who claims that Adam Smith aka The Father of Economics had intimate affairs with several different women whom he promised to marry but didn’t . Hagar says that it is a totally wrong misconception that Adam Smith was a celibate. Hagar even claims that Adam Smith’s mother caught him masturbating more than ten times and Adam Smith mentioned this in a newspaper interview.

Hagar also claims that Karl Marx always wished that he were born a British Protestant-Christian instead of a German-Jew.

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