Sports and Recreation club owner hates celebrity culture but loves Klasemen Liga 1

Jake Swede is a sports and recreation club owner who claims that he has taken an oath to expose the celebrity culture to the entire world before his death. Jake claims that he has lost a lot due to the celebrities and celebrity culture and he is going to make them all pay for it.

Jake says that if a celebrity is always in the limelight and he tells you that he never paid his PR firm or the mainstream media for it, that’s it, here is proof that he/she is a liar. Jake claims that no media provides any sort of limelight to anyone unless he/she paid for it.

Along with popular actors, singers, etc, Jake is against the celebrity authors. He requests everyone to boycott marketeers turned writers like Robert A. Glover of No More Mr Nice Guy and Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Jake says that these guys just know how to market themselves and their books and that’s how they manage to sell hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of copies of their books that serve no purpose.

Jake recently came across this popular self-proclaimed Chinese-Canadian multi-millionaire on the Youtube and Jake claims that from the very first glimpse of the guy riding around in a Bentley, he came to know that the guy is a fraud and looking at the number of views on his videos and the positive comments, he had just one thing to say “What have the human beings come to?” They can’t even identify an obvious looking fraud. Jake claims that the men and women of his generation used to be far smarter than the ones in this generation.

The only thing that I have ever seen Jake complimenting is League Standings 1 and that’s all. Jake claims to have win over 3000 USD with the same in the past 3 months as well.

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