Bolts manufacturer from Manchester loves SCR888 as much as he loves his new girlfriend

Parag Oswald is a fitness-freak bolts manufacturer from the United Kingdom. Paras is a second-generation British whose parents came to the United Kingdom before he was born owing to the lack of opportunities in India. Parag’s father used to work as a ticket manager in the United Kingdom before finding his own home appliance repair service in Manchester.

Parag is the pride of his family as his story is nothing less than that of rags to riches but nobody in his family is yet aware of his addiction to scr888 online. Parag has won more bets than he has lost but still nobody in his family is going to appreciate his addiction and Parag doesn’t think much about putting a full-stop to it.

Parag recently divorced his wife of Polish origins for a funny matter. Parag’s wife didn’t believe that there can be such a thing as Asperger’s syndrome that Parag was going through according to his Psychiatric and she didn’t believe that Parag has psychic capabilities which he claims to have.

Parag wanted to buy a car for his wife and his wife wanted a red Jaguar XF but Parag told her that his gut feeling was telling him that the red car is going to make him bankrupt but his wife wouldn’t listen. After just 6 months of buying that red car, Parag’s business went down and he was on the verge of bankruptcy. The husband and wife had a great argument after this and finally the argument resulted in a divorce.

Parag has been dating a Pakistani-Jatt woman 2 years elder to him for the past couple of months. This lady is a fitness freak and owns 3 gymnasiums in the city of London. Parag says that he is glad that his ex-wife divorced him, he believes that his progeny with this Pakistani-Jatt fitness freak is going to be nothing less than perfection.

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