GCLUB freak was advised by the mechanic to buy an Acura instead of a Jaguar with the winning amount

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Sasha says that regular customers tend to throw more tantrums most of the times than the new ones and she says that she has more than 200 examples to prove it.

When Sasha won US $28000 with one sitting on GCLUB, she wanted to buy a used Jaguar with the same money but her regular mechanic asked her to buy a used Infiniti, Lexus or Acura instead which Sasha did only to regret her decision later. Sasha bought a 2014 Acura RDX for 27, 500 USD and she has already spent over 3400 USD for its repairs within less than 3 months. Sasha says that she believes that she is certain that a Jaguar had been a far more reliable vehicle, a lot more stylish and fun to drive as well. Sasha has even stopped using that mechanic and she is not willing to listen to any mechanic’s advice ever again when it comes to buying a new car in her life.

Sasha has done an extensive study and research on the history and legacy of different cars and their brands. Sasha claims that when they were bailing out the General Motors, most of the people that were against the government bailing out the General Motors were the ones that already owned one.

Sasha recently created a website for her business as well and you will be amazed to know that she didn’t even know that creating backlinks with adult websites for a regular business was a bad idea. She says that it destroyed her website and she has no idea about how she can get out of this situation.

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