Pseudo-Nationalist’s wife bets on Superbahis to save herself from her husband’s stupid rant

Baldev Raj is a senior UX designer at an online furniture store. Baldev loves to read and being a Pseudo-Nationalist, he reads only books written in English language by Indian authors. Last week, Baldev completed reading Nuclear Deterrence in Southern Asia – China, India & Pakistan by Arpit Rajan.

Baldev believes that the space missions are a rip-off scheme by the governments. He says that they are not going to conclude anything out of these ever.

Baldev believes that nobody ever went to the Moon or the Planet Mars. Baldev claims that the close-up pictures of the Planet Mars are in reality the close-up pictures of some studio.

Baldev says that it seems like a part of a big conspiracy to him when he sees multiple satellites getting blasted in Kazakhstan at once.

Baldev questions “Why do they still call Jupiter the largest planet in the Universe when they know it very well that there are millions of undiscovered planets in the Universe and at least thousands of those must be far larger than the Jupiter?”

Baldev is very much against the Indian National Congress Party since he was a teenager. Baldev claims that the Socialist Government of India crossed all the limits of Sycophancy during Indira Gandhi’s rule. Baldev says that his grandfather still curses the day when one Chief Minister of India imported a Mercury car but his car was burnt on the orders of then Prime Minister of India – Indira Gandhi, just because she wanted to impress the USSR.

Baldev says that the Russians always being envious of the port of New Jersey and New York is a fact that can never be denied but it would also be quite correct to says that the USA also envies the cities of St Petersburg and Moscow.

Whenever Baldev starts his rant on the governments, his wife puts her favorite music and headsets on and starts betting on Superbahis, to save herself from his stupid rant.

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