Antique watch store owner had a long period of 11 years before becoming a success and co-incidentally she has been betting online for the past 11 years as well

Kiba Whitefang is a proud owner of a antique watch store. It took 11 years of sustained endeavors for Kiba to make her business a success. Kiba lost hundreds of thousands of dollars with Google Adwords but she wasn’t willing to stop until she became a success.

Kiba is an automobile enthusiast and blogger as well. Kiba claims that most major automobile companies in the future will be Chinese owned by the end of the financial year 2030 and all these companies will try their best to hide the fact that they are Chinese owned and they will do it by many tactics of which the most significant one will be where they will manufacture their automobiles in countries other than China. Kiba claims that these Chinese companies will prefer to manufacture their vehicles in the European countries like Estonia and Scandinavia.

Kiba claims that she has some secret information that the Ford is desperate to answer Hyundai-Kia with some even more futuristic, better-looking and more practical car designs than ever seen before.

Kiba herself owns a very large car collection but now she is looking for a boat collection for herself.

Kiba claims that Japanese companies definitely make more reliable vehicles but they still are not able to make their workers as happy as their American rivals. Kiba claims that she knows employees of both American and Japanese car manufacturers very well and it is the same for everyone.

Kiba claims that Honda is not even going to be in the list of top 15 car sellers in the near future if they keep using the cheapest possible material in their cars. Kiba says that this is going to happen if Honda doesn’t do anything about it by 2020.

Kiba is very fond of gambling online and she can always be seen betting on Matbet. There hasn’t been a day perhaps in the past couple of years where she slept without placing a couple of bets.

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