Indian-American health freak won an Acura NSX with Oklahoma Lottery

Neha Bilandi is an Indirect Procurement Manager at a popular Multinational Telecommunications Company. Neha is a health and lottery freak as well and she has always been extremely lucky with both. Neha recently won an Acura NSX with an Oklahoma Lottery.

Neha believes that green juices are highly overrated and so are their benefits. Neha doesn’t mean to say that green juices are of no use but she really believes that they are highly overrated and are not as that of a tonic as they are depicted to be.

Neha has been watching those one century old videos by a Youtuber named Guy Jones in the spare time for the past few weeks and one common thing that she observed in all those videos is that the people in the earlier times used to have much better and slender bodies than their modern counterparts and it applies to both men and the women.

Neha claims that the greater variety of fruits and vegetables you consume, the better looking and healthier you become, but be careful that you don’t go all vegan. Neha has observed several people destroying their health permanently just because they went all vegan.

Neha loves to read a lot and she claims that the Midnight Diaries by the first President of Democratic Russia – Boris Yeltsin was a complete American paid propaganda and Boris Yeltsin didn’t contribute a word in it. Neha has always believed that Boris Yeltsin was an Illuminati puppet and he alone couldn’t bring about the kind of revolution in his dreams like he did. Neha’s opinions are not good about the current Russian President – Vladimir Putin either and she believes that he is the same as well.

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