Lead band singer, programmer and inventor uses only the bingo sites that accept PayPal

Cyrus Avram is the lead singer of a pop music band. Cyrus was born in a family of gardeners. Cyrus hates gardening, trees and plants and this is quite evident from the name of his band – Beetles and Snails.

Cyrus is a programmer as well and he has been trying to create a company which he claims will give PayPal a run for its money. Cyrus believes that PayPal is nothing special just that its brand value is strong.

No matter how much Cyrus criticizes PayPal, when Cyrus is out to play some Bingo, he only uses Bingo sites that accept PayPal.

Cyrus’s friends and family members call him Iceman for his incredible capabilities that very much resemble Wim Hof.

Cyrus has a thing for cars. Cyrus claims that Volkswagen can befool the third-world countries like India with their over-exaggerated German engineering myth but not the Americans. Cyrus says that no matter how much the sales of Volkswagen has grew in the Europe but you can’t deny the fact that Volkswagen has been seeing a constant downward slope in the United States of America for the past 2 decades and it is most likely to fall even more each year.

Cyrus also believes that it is only brand Acura by Honda that creates premium cars that offer value for money.

Cyrus claims that light, crisp and short-throw gearboxes are the future, not the unreliable and boring Automatic Transmissions. Cyrus has been campaigning all over the internet requesting buyers to boycott the Automatic Transmission Vehicles which Cyrus claims requires a lot of convincing power but people have been listening to him more than ever before, he says.

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