Multilingual ex-carpenter is very regular to the FUN88 Indonesia scene

Ali Hassan is a carpenter who stopped carpentering in his pursuit of becoming the next Jeff Bezos. Ali also started his e-commerce journey with selling books online and although he is currently struggling, he hasn’t lost the hope. Ali also loves gambling and he is very regular to the FUN88 Indonesia scene.

One of Ali Hassan’s best friends owns several businesses and he is the one who told Ali Hassan that it is never a good idea to buy an old business when Ali wanted to borrow a loan from the friends and the bank to buy an already running old business. The wife of this great friend of Ali married him for his money but now acts too arrogantly and Ali doubts that she is having an affair with a young man she met at a party.

Ali believes in faking it until he makes it and although not a success story already, Ali likes to say that unlike most other success stories, his grandfather was a junkie, his father worked hard but died when he was only 10 and Ali was raised by a single mother.

Ali lived in India for 2 years and he says that it is amazing how there are no guerrilla wars taking place in India even though the people there live in abject poverty. Ali says that the slavery seems to be deeply ingrained in the people of India after the lived as slaves for thousands of years.

While Ali was there in India, he also learnt the Hindi language to enjoy watching Bollywood movies, especially those starring Amrish Puri. Ali believes that an actor like Late Amrish Puri has never existed in the history anywhere and there will never be an actor superior to him anywhere on earth either.

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