S128 can keep you from falling into depression

Perl Frink is an industrialist who owns a factory that manufactures all kinds of steel doors like fire doors, trap doors, etc.

Perl recently made a trip to India and there she observed several different things about the country (mostly negative). Perl says that the only city where she found the roads to be good enough in the nation called India was Chandigarh. Perl read a lot of positive talk about the roads of Delhi on the internet, Perl says that those who claim that Delhi has the best roads in India need to visit Chandigarh at least once.

Perl says that there is a lot of talk everywhere in India about reducing the pollution but there is no groundwork that is going on. The diesel cars are being sold like hot cakes there and there is not a single Hybrid car that is popular out there. Perl says that if the government of India is so serious about reducing the pollution then they should remove the custom duty from all the Hybrid vehicles and promote the manufacturing of Hybrid automobiles in India itself.

Perl says that India as a nation loves to exaggerate things and this should be evident from different stories that revolve around there all the time and different politicians use those for their own benefits. Perl says that one of those stories is about how Bajiprabhu Deshpande – the brigadier of Maratha army during the feud of the Marathas with the Mughals took two 15 kilogram each swords in both his hands went on a fighting spree which according to several historians is quite a baloney.

Perl’s only entertainment during his trip to India used to be betting on s128 and that’s what kept him from falling into depression due to the bad vibes he had all around himself.

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