She struggled very much to make it to the top but still is too weak to resist QQ288

Asma started her career as a translator but she proved it that nothing is possible for a strong woman in today’s time when she recently bought a company that has been involved in manufacturing and selling perfumes for cars for over past 2 decades.

Asma decided to buy an automobile related company because she has always been an automobile freak and she also believes that operating and owning an iron or steel related business has always brought bad luck for Asma and her family. Asma claims that in the bible as well, there are many hints created to tell us that we should stay away from the businesses that involve dealing with iron and steel. Asma claims that the belief is rumored to be of Indian origin which is completely false as it is quite evident that the Hindu saints started spreading this message after learning the same from the bible themselves and since then the Hindus themselves have been refraining from dealing with iron or steel but most of the people belonging to the other religions have forgotten this belief. Asma says that the beliefs which the Israelites themselves aren’t even aware of whether they ever existed in their culture, their Holy Land or religion are being followed blindly in India disguised as their own and Hindus without even caring about the origin of the belief or superstition owing to their habit of fearing everything do it all blindly which is quite scary, funny and pitiful at the same time.

Asma says that she has only one guilty pleasure and that is not eating junk food, drinking, smoking or having illicit sex but betting on qq288 websites instead.

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