Parcel company owner loves to explore different cultures and betting on credit

Jessica Parhar started her career as Associate Partner at Etsy but today she owns and operates a popular parcel company of her own.

Jessica is not a Muslim but she has studied the religion very well and is highly appreciative of Prophet Muhammad’s attempt to show a new and feasible way to achieve humanity everywhere.

Jessica says that any female actress who claims that she is a devout Muslim is a pretender as acting and Islam do not go together. Jessica says that the actresses belonging to Muslim families used to be honest enough about themselves being atheists before Islamic terrorism rose so much, especially before the advent of Taliban.

Jessica claims that the current government of Pakistan is an agent of the Anti-Islamic powers that are out to destroy the Islam and Muslims. Jessica recently went to Pakistan for business and to explore the Indian subcontinent a bit more and she was surprised to see that most of the Mosques that she visited last time were shut down by the government due to the wrong accusations of being run by the terrorist Muftis and Molvis. Jessica claims that they have banned over 60% of the Molvis and Muftis there in Pakistan that according to Jessica were all honest and had nothing to do with violence and terrorism. Jessica says that the Pakistani media which is notorious for making blunt statements is completely silent on this and most of the population in Pakistan is not even aware of what is going on in there country which came into existence as a form of Islamic Republic and to rescue the Islam and the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.

Jessica is not a Muslim herself and hence she is free to gamble online on credit (pulsa judi) which she really rejoices in.

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