Independent Insurance Company owner believes that online gambling is a gift from the god

Taylor Branson is the proud owner of a totally independent insurance agency. Taylor and his company have been committed to growth, learning and innovation since the very beginning.

Taylor has a blog on his insurance company’s website where he keeps writing advice for the insurance buyers and sellers regularly. Taylor advises to the home insurance buyers that they should all thoroughly check which they are buying for your home and should never fail to read the reviews for the insurance company that they are buying their insurance from.

Taylor’s own company has a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Taylor’s company has nothing but positive reviews on Google Maps, Yellow Pages and other similar places.

Taylor’s company provides auto, home, business/commercial and life insurances.

Taylor brags that he has more knowledge and experience than the insurance companies being run for generations.

Taylor believes in a combination of professionalism and personal care and attention. For example, Taylor has a team of ten to attend the phone calls for his business but he still loves to listen to the phone calls regularly in order to take a feedback in order to keep improving his company.

Taylor brags that he or his company never ever made any donation to any charity as they believe that innovation and improvement in their business is the greatest charity that they can provide and they are fundamentally against the concept of charity as they believe it makes the people handicap in the long run and also provides them enough energy without any hard work which ultimately increases the lustful desires in them which then leads to having excessive sex and that means unwanted babies and more poverty and misery.

Taylor is of the opinion that hard working and needy people always get lucky with the gambling and when he needed the money desperately, cockfight gambling (sabung ayam) really helped him a lot to get through the hard times as he kept winning bets there all the time with god’s grace.

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