This Phuket SEO company owner loves to exaggerate stuff but not when it comes to Baccarat

Chimlin Celik owns a SEO company in the heart of Phuket city in Thailand which she founded back in the year 2003. Chimlin has always been highly passionate about her business which can be known from the fact that even after having 22 employees, she still writes the posts on her company’s blog herself.

Chimlin was the one to uncover a group of Vietnamese youth that included both male and female gender that were involved in stealing credit cards online and used the same to create Google Adword ads.

Chimlin was also the first one to expose the Bangladesh firms that are in the full-time business of Adwords click fraud.

Chimlin has been highly involved in the Adwords since the beginning of her career and she claims that gone are the days when the estimated percentage of fraudulent clicks used to be 33%, nowadays it is not even 3%. While I personally do not completely agree with this statement of Chimlin, I still think that there is some truth to it and maybe Chimlin is right and I am wrong as she is the one who is eligible to make such statements and I am not.

Chimlin also says that all those who believed that click fraud will put Google out of business are out of business themselves now. For this statement of her, I do not agree one bit with her as I am not ready to believe that all the businesses or individuals that were so vigilant about the Google Adwords are out of the business now although some may be, but anyways, it looks like Chimlin has a habit of exaggerating things.

There is only one thing that I think Chimlin doesn’t exaggerate about and that is her regular wins with local Baccarat (บาคาร่า)

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