South Korean fashion designer loves traveling, history and online gambling

Ainsley Ho is a South Korean fashion designer with a passion for history, traveling and gambling.

Ainsley recently traveled to India and observed several positives and negatives about the place. One of the things that Ainsley noticed good about the caste system of India is that it is the caste system of India which has kept its religion Hinduism alive till date both indirectly and directly. Ainsley says that due to the caste system in India, even after the Indians lost the wars, most of the people belonging to the non-warrior tribes and castes weren’t captivated as war prisoners.

Ainsley says that she doesn’t run an engineering business, firm or company but if she did, all her engineers would come from India only. Ainsley believes that the services of the Indian engineers is a bargain and you can’t find better, more hard-working engineers at the salary.

Ainsley claims that India would have been on par with South Korea in terms of the Gross Domestic Income per capita if they were colonized by the French instead of the Britishers because French wouldn’t have touched the religion of India like the Britishers did and hence they would have touched the hearts of the Indians in a way that they both would have been perfectly happy with each other and worked in a great harmony.

Ainsley says that it is the Jews that made Germany what it is today otherwise it Germany stands no chance against the France or the England but still to this date, the Germans are completely thankless towards the Jews and still maintain some of their antisemitic views and opinions.

Ainsley’s most favorite gambling website is 먹튀 which you may feel free to bet on if you know the South Korean language.

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