David the Phuket SEO expert enjoyed a trip to Miami City with the 99 Steps Money

David Aksornpan is an individual SEO expert based out of the Phuket city in Thailand. David owns a very popular blog which he created back in the year 2009 in order to promote his expertise and he has been quite successful in the endeavor thus far.

David says that nobody who has anything to do with SEO should listen to Matt Cutts or any other so-called SEO guru. David says that if one is familiar with the BlackHatWorld and doesn’t use the tips and clues mentioned there then he/she is crazy as hell, David says that no matter whether one is into White Hat, Black Hat or some of both, their posts are always of great help.

David has always been very much against the Google Adwords. David says that Google Adwords may prove to be a goldmine for one big business and nothing but a drainer of money for another.

David suggests that one should never use Google Adwords for his/her business but rather recommend it directly or indirectly to his/her business competitors in order to drain their bank accounts and ultimately put them out of the business. David says that Google Adwords are also okay to recommend to your family members or friends and experimenting how well it goes although it very rarely goes well with Google Adwords.

David says that those who claim that it wasn’t until recently that Google didn’t count one IP address per week for Adwords Ads don’t know anything. David says that it used to be 3 days instead.

David recently enjoyed a trip to Miami with the money he won with บอลสเต็ป99

David claims that Miami city is more beautiful in real life than the videos and pictures in the winters but it is a nightmare in the summers.

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