She owns an Indian restaurant in Semarang and she loves Bandar Bola

Merve Cihan owns a very popular Indian restaurant in a plush neighborhood of Semarang. Merve decided to have her own Indian restaurant after she made a trip to India back in the year 2011 and fell in love with the Indian food. Merve claims that the only cuisine superior to the Indian is Italian and many of her friends differ from her opinion and rather say that Indian food is far more superior to the Italian food.

Merve decided to open an Indian food restaurant instead of an Italian restaurant because there are already too many of those in Semarang and because of the increased footfalls in the recent times by the Indians in Indonesia, she felt that opening an Indian restaurant was the right thing to do and she hasn’t regretted it since then.

Merve really believes that one must only involve in a business that they are passionate about and she is really passionate about the Indian food.

Merve went to India for spirituality but came back more materialist as she realized after visiting and meeting Indian spiritual gurus that they are far more materialist and greedy than people belonging to any other field that she ever met.

Merve claims that if you have never had any Indian food before in your life and you try it once at her restaurant, there is no way that you are not going to fall in love with it.

Merve cautions that you must never go to a Jain Indian restaurant if you are not already aware of what it truly is. There is no liquor, non-vegetarian food and sometimes many other delicacies available there as Jains are one of the most superstitious people you will ever meet.

Merve is an avid gambler and she spends at least a couple of hours each week betting on Bandar Bola.

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