Pregnancy exercise teacher wishes there were less Indians and more websites dedicated to Meteor QQ

Michiko Takahashi owns and runs one of the most popular pregnancy exercise classes school in the city of Osaka in Japan.

Michiko recently made a trip to the nation called India where she observed things she never did before. Michiko says that the metros of India, especially Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai are a different breed of small sized planets attached to a bigger planet called India.

Michiko claims that all the Indian gurus are fake and phony, be it Sadhguru, Nithyananda, OSHO or anyone else. She used to believe that OSHO was a true enlightened being until she came to know that he was a sex maniac who used to experiment several different good and bad things all the time. The greatest of the things that Michiko off was that the OSHO believed that Krishna was a real being whereas anybody who has studied the Jewish and Hindu religion/mythology thoroughly will tell you that Krishna never existed, it is an over-exaggerated imaginary version of the Jewish messiah or prophet – Moses created by the Kashmiri Pandits who are in reality the lost tribes of Israel.

Michiko says that one of the proofs that the Kashmiri Pandits (Priestly People) of India are the lost tribes of Israel is that they eat lamb meat whereas no other tribe or people of India eat the lamb meat. Michiko says that forget about eating lambs, the vegetarian people of India feel disgusted just even by the thought that such a thing as lamb meat exists.

Michiko asks that why did Mahatma Gandhi broke his fast when he told everyone that he will kill himself by fasting if a separate nation called Pakistan is carved out of Bharat (India)? Michiko says that it is clear that Gandhi was a fraudster who became Mahatma from Mohandas Karamchand on the gullibility of the common people of India.

Michiko really hated her time in India and the only thing that kept her entertaining in India was meteorqq.

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