Handmade furniture seller loves traveling and betting

Boonsri Victoria designs, creates and sells handmade home furniture on eBay and some other websites but most of her business comes from the eBay only.

Boonsri recently made a trip to India where she had mixed experiences. Boonsri says that the government of India has been pretending to be very much concerned about the its ever-growing population but on the other hand has been conducting every possible deed in order to grow it even further.

Boonsri claims that the government of India’s campaigns against the pollution is also a phony and in reality the government of India has been involved in activities that will only increase the pollution of the country even further. Boonsri believes that they are going to ban the diesel-run engines by the year 2020 in India and the only victor will be the richest man of India – Mukesh Ambani who will then export all his diesel to other countries while selling petrol in India at the prices that will be more expensive than in any other nation of the world. Boonsri says that about 97% of the people in India are not even aware of what a Hybrid vehicle is and 60% of the adults don’t know how far the electric vehicles have come.

Boonsri says that Ola and Uber cabs have really solved the problem of India’s lack of taxi cab services. One of Boonsri’s friends went to India back in the year 2011 once and the thing that she hated the most was the taxi drivers throwing tantrums, over-charging and befooling the passengers. Boonsri says that it is not the case anymore but yes, you have to be careful while dealing with almost everyone else in India.

Boonsri spent most of the time in her hotel room while betting on her favorite gambling website – sbo888 and that’s what kept her from going misanthrope there.

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