Successful Law firm owner gambles online whenever she is not in front of a judge

Malis Tum is a successful law firm owner and conspiracy theorist and analyst who claims that personal injury victims have made several big business shutdown in the USA. Malis even claims that the personal injury victims are no more victims in the United States of America but it is rather the opposite.

Malis is the only one on the internet to claim that they stoned a male dentist to death in Pakistan for checking female patients and the Pakistani media chose to bury this incident. When Malis was asked about how come she knows the same, she replied that she cannot unveil her source but it is a fact which is known to each and every local person of that particular neighborhood in Peshawar and the neighborhoods surrounding that neighborhood.

Malis claims that the United States of America and Russia are run and operated by the same conglomerate that has been taking advantage of their cold war in the past into befooling people that they are still enemies which they are most definitely not. Malis is a firm believer that the Illuminati is determined to carve out Greater Israel out of the Islamic countries that neighbor Israel and the Syrian Civil War and the attack on Iraq in the year 2003 are a part of it.

Malis also claims that the likes of internet sensation – Sheikh Imran Hosein are Illuminati agents who have been recruited in order to turn innocent Muslim youngsters into terrorists which will create a high alert situation and a notion among the Non-Muslims of the world that all Muslims are terrorists and they must be eradicated from the earth.

When Malis is not in the court or busy preparing for the cases or unveiling conspiracies, she is busy betting/gambling online (Judi Online)

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