Rheumatologist is disappointed with the medicine educational system, governments but amazed at the Korean Toto sites

Bretton Kog is a Rheumatologist who is very disappointed with the current medical education system. Bretton says that they should really change the definition of BS from Bachelor of Science to Bullshit because it has tons of flaws which are not being taken care of as they ought to be.

As a Rheumatologist, Bretton believes that there is a lot of fraud going on in the Rheumatology industry and one of the tips that Bretton always gives to his Arthritis patients and blog visitors is that they must consult another doctor if their current one is asking them that they will have to remove their joint entirely in order to relieve them from the Arthritis pain. Bretton claims that it is no more a requirement for anybody to go through a joint removal in case of Arthritis pain anymore.

Bretton is not just a Rheumatologist, he is a conspiracy theorist as well who has a special blog dedicated to the conspiracy theories and analysis. Bretton claims to have a lot of knowledge about the Eurasian steppe region and he claims to be well aware of all the major conspiracies that have been taking place in the region for the past few decades.

Bretton claims that the Russian Orthodox priests in Tajikistan have been working as agents of Russia since the 1993. Bretton claims that the Russian establishment has promised the Orthodox priests that they will help them convert at least one million people if they are able to transform Tajikistan into a part of Russia again and that will be the beginning of a new USSR. Bretton claims that they will rename Mount Garmo as Mount Christ in Tajikistan if they succeed in their efforts.

Bretton claims that the modern South Korean Toto sites (토토사이트) have been giving away their winners millions of dollars per year as a bonus as a part of conspiracy to get the common hard-working and intelligent people of South Korea addicted to gambling.

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