Ice cream and milkshake parlour owner is more fond of Baccarat than any of her delicious products

Cheryl Barnes’s milkshake brings all the boys to the Sakon Nakhon city in Thailand. No, I was just joking. Cheryl inherited this ice cream and milkshake parlour from her mother just about 2 years ago which Cheryl really changed the map of from head to the toe. Cheryl has really changed the way their parlour now looks and also Cheryl has made the parlour very popular on the internet with the help of SEO, blogging and social media.

Cheryl openly wrote on her blog recently that the milkshake industry is really in desperation as the customers now prefer to make their milkshake at home as they prefer it to be healthy and they don’t care about the taste that much. Cheryl says that there was a time when over 95% of the daily milkshake drinkers would drink the same at their favorite or/and nearby milkshake parlour but unfortunately those days are gone now but there is a hope that everything will be fine soon enough.

Cheryl is very blunt and she doesn’t care about losing a share of her business with her blunt but honest statements. Cheryl claims that sugar-free and vegan ice creams are also unhealthy for the diabetics although not as much.

Cheryl and almost everybody else that she knows hates the taste of the ice creams for the allergics and she warns that people that do not have any sort of allergy should never try an ice cream for allergics if they don’t want to turn their love for ice cream into hatred.

Cheryl says that one should never trust an ice cream or milkshake parlour that keeps on changing its flavors abruptly and regularly.

Cheryl also didn’t hesitate to mention her fondness for online gambling, especially Baccarat (บาคาร่า)

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