Multi-cuisine restaurant owner from East Jakarta loves Football Gambling

Annette Graves owns a very popular multi-cuisine restaurant in the heart of East Jakarta. Annette has a distinct menu for kosher food at her restaurant and is now planning to build a separate room for the kosher eaters as well.

Annette believes that there is a lot of scope for the multi-cuisine restaurants in Indonesia and there aren’t many that are jumping on the opportunity.

At Annette’s restaurant, all the waiters are required to attend one month customized English speaking course paid off by the restaurant itself. The restaurant didn’t have this rule until 3 years ago, but since the rate of the tourists has been growing at a more rapid pace than ever before, Annette decided to take this decision as well.

Annette says that you may compromise on the quality of the food and ingredients served as some people do not care much about the taste of the food and what is delicious to some is bitter for others and what is bitter for some is delicious to many. Annette says that one thing that you cannot compromise at all in the restaurant business is a friendly and efficient staff. Annette has always managed to have an extremely friendly staff at her restaurant, no matter what and since they are also all well-versed in English, Annette’s restaurant staff is on par with the restaurants in many of the 5 star hotels in Jakarta.

Annette says that she will never open a restaurant on a busy street with heavy and noisy traffic, no matter how attractive the rent is or how much business is expected at that particular location. Annette hates noise and busy streets with no parking area and she believes that the case is same with all the affluent eaters as well. Annette was there in Jerusalem in the December of 2018 and she hated at a restaurant in a busy street, she didn’t even want to but her husband wasn’t willing to eat anywhere else as he saw hundreds of great reviews for that particular restaurant on TripAdvisor.

Annette loves Raja Soccer and claims that it is the most trusted Football Gambling Agent (Agen Judi Bola) that she has ever come across.

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