UFABet crazy SEO expert is astonished by how smart Google Places has become in such a short span of time

Ashley Kuklinski owns a very popular SEO agency in the city of Bangkok, Thailand. Although Ashley’s SEO agency is very popular, her SEO blog is even more popular and receives thousands of unique visitors per day.

Ashley says that gone are the days when Google Maps Results with 5 star or 4 star reviews used to have an edge over the ones with the reviews ranging from 1 to 3 star. Ashley says that the Google doesn’t discriminate anymore in that term anymore and has become completely unpredictable in regards as to which Google Maps Result will show on the top. Ashley says that it is funny that many of the so-called SEO experts and individuals still tend to believe that Google gives more importance to the Places that have a greater number of reviews but Google has invented a completely unpredictable search algorithm now which nobody that she ever came across in the flesh or online can understand.

Ashley also says that now it is next to impossible to create a fake Google Places listing as the Google has become way too smart for it and can detect one easily no matter how hard you try or how smart of a plan you have to create one. Ashley claims that Google now has special cells dedicated to detecting fake listings on the Google which they never did before and these cells have been chosen after a rigorous selection process.

Ahsley loves to gamble online on ufabet and she says that it is funny that whenever she looks at her phone battery while betting on ufabet, most of the time it shows 69%, which is also her favorite sex position.

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