Football gambling is the fastest growing trend among the Indonesians, claims an East Jakarta chocolate shop owner

Gede Angkasa owns a very popular chocolate shop in a prominent neighborhood of East Jakarta. One of the ways that Gede uses to promote his chocolate shop is by blogging. Although Gede says that he hasn’t seen much success with blogging, he still loves it. Most of the online business comes to him through social media marketing.

On his blog, Gede has mentioned that he has advised the entire staff of his chocolate shop to never get rude with the ones asking for multiple free samples. Gede believes that free samples are not only about the generosity of the chocolate shop owner but they are a great long term marketing strategy. Gede claims that free samples for any chocolate seller are bound to make him a huge lot of money in the long-run but there is no denying that it will make him/her lose some in the initial stages until the shop earns tons of positive reviews and marketing through word of mouth.

Gede cannot appreciate his generous and smart customers enough that feel like it is inappropriate to take multiple free samples when you have tasted one and you already know that the chocolate shop sells nothing but delicious little pieces.

Gede says holidays and special occasions aren’t as crowded as they once used to be, thanks to the growing online football gambling industry and their trusted agents (Agen Bola), an average Indonesian now prefers to gamble all alone or with friends instead of celebrating the special occasion with their families.

Gede says that the best moment for him is when the customers tell him that it was the best chocolate that they ever had. Gede says that it really makes his day and he also says that it happens almost every day.

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