Chicken specific restaurant founder and owner is also a blogger and gambler

Aleksi Hirvonen is the founder and owner of the only chicken specific restaurant in all of Medan city in Indonesia. Aleksi’s restaurant only serves chicken dishes, be it Pakistani, Jewish, Indonesian or Indian.

Aleksi completed her education in the USA from the University of Michigan and while studying there, Aleksi used to create and sell recycled products on the eBay which did well for a while until they suspended her account for some reasons which she claims are not true.

It didn’t happen long ago when Aleksi turned into a mother of twin kids. Aleksi and her husband have been doing their best to raise their children up well and they want one of their kids to become a great academic and the other one a sportsperson. For the one who they want to enter into the field of academics, they have already consulted many psychologists in order to make him learn better and for the tiny sportsperson, they have consulted several retired sports people from different fields belonging to both genders.

Aleksi is a blogger as well whose blog posts include a lot of her opinions on different biblical characters apart from her gambling addiction and how many AgenQQ she knows personally.

On one of her blog posts, Aleksi referred to the Arabs as misogynistic people because the Quran mentions Noah and his sons at many different places but it doesn’t mention the wives of Noah’s sons – Shem, Hem and Jopheth anywhere. Aleksi claims that these were some of the most pious and holy women to have ever lived.

Aleksi claims that it is a false notion that people used to worship false (paganic) gods in Noah’s time. Aleksi claims that those people didn’t worship the false gods but rather feared other creatures than the humans and started following stupid superstitions as well which made the god infuriated apart from their sexual perversion and the habit of lying and stealing.

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