Electronics store owner promotes MyBestPoker on his premises for no self-interest at all

Julius Ali owns a very popular and successful electronics store in one of the plushest neighborhoods of the Malang city in Indonesia. Julius loves writing and that’s the foremost reason why he has been maintaining a great looking functional blog since the very day of the inception of his electronics business.

On his blog, Julius claims that one of the key ways to get on the top of the electronics business is to recruit superior salesmen and providing even more superior after sales service. Julius mentioned that one of the reasons why many electronics businesses fail in the long term is that they fail to provide a great after sales service and they also fail to understand how important it is for an electronics store to provide a superior after sales service.

Julius only recruits married people with babies on the highest rate of sales rep commission in the marketplace and doesn’t give them any salary at all although he keeps giving them bonuses from time to time. Julius hires only married people that already have kids because he believes that they are not as lazy as their unmarried or married antinatalist counterparts and that’s the reason why they tend to be more active if they are being paid a sales rep commission and not a monthly or annual salary. Julius says that he didn’t even experiment with paying his salespeople any salary ever because he already knows that it is going to result in his electronics store’s sales being cut down by more than 70% in the initial months itself.

Julius doesn’t believe in gimmicky promos for his store but you will be amazed to know that Julius promotes mybestpoker at his electronics store’s premises and its official website and blog for no cost at all which is just amazing.

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