Coffee shop owner from Bologna recently started his gambling blog with the help of Rizvi

Arturo Cabello owns a very popular coffee shop in the city of Bologna in Northern Italy. Arturo recently renamed his coffee shop to ‘Coffee and Waffles’ due to the growing popularity of waffles that they sell there in his coffee shop.

On his personal blog, Arturo claims that those who come to his coffee shop with their friends complain about each and everything although he and his staff always do their best to keep everything in perfect shape but the couples and single men/women who visit his coffee shop always compliment them on the same.

Arturo claims that the Indian food is gaining popularity in the coffee shops like never before and the Chinese and Italian food is losing its significance like never before. Arturo is extremely proud of his Italian heritage and seeing the Italian food losing significance in the coffee shops would be the last thing that Arturo would want to see.

Although Arturo claims to be extremely proud of his Italian heritage and all, he has only one entertainer that performs live there and he impersonates an English language comedian of Jewish heritage – Jackie Mason. He performs there every evening from 5 PM to 11 PM.

On his blog, Arturo claims that he is really concerned about the coffee shops selling unhealthy food that can react with the coffee and cause food poisoning.

Arturo recently started his own gambling blog with the help of a guy named Rizvi. Arturo really hopes to make thousands of dollars per month with the same. Arturo is also interested in getting into lottery business but he says that he won’t until he starts making at least one thousand dollar per month with this gambling blog of his.

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