Author and blogger from Marmaris, Turkey loves to take a chill pill with a Sbobet Casino

Evangeline Gony is an author and blogger from Marmaris, Turkey who recently completed her first book on the similarities between the life of Persian polymath Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi and Muhammad’s companion, cousin and son-in-law – Ali. In her book, Evangeline claims that Ali ruling for 5 years as the fourth caliph is the reason why the Shia Mulsims consider 5 to be their most lucky number.

Evangeline says that it is funny how the tribal regions of India still refer to the small pox and measles with the common name – ‘Mata’. Evangeline says that the Hindus of India are not willing to accept that a Muslim Persian found the cure for the Measles and Small Pox for the first time and also differentiated between these two.

Evangeline claims to have seen one Sunni Muslim in Pakistan personally who was worshiping the idol of the Khawarij that killed Ali with the Hinduism rituals. Evangeline believes that it has all happened due to the Molvis and Muftis that try to create differences between the different sects of Islam all the time, especially Shia and Sunni Muslims.

Evangeline warns to stay away from the historian Ibn Khatir’s views about Ali. She says that he was wrong on almost everything about Ali and cannot be trusted at all.

Evangeline believes that the UN and World Organization for Human Rights recognizing Ali as a great governor and social justice worker is a drama to impress the Shia Muslims of Iran and even some sects belonging to the Sunni Islam. Evangeline asks “Will these UN and WOHR officials let their husband marry 7 more different women without divorcing them just like Ali did?”

Like any other normal human being, Evangeline likes to take a break once in a while and she does it with Agen Sbobet Casino.

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