Neurosurgeon from Surabaya believes in Synoptic Gospels and PokerQQ

Dr Selen Erdal is a neurosurgeon from Surabaya who recently wrote on her blog that the cervical myelopathy seems to be higher among old people that do not regularly eat nuts, fruits and chicken.

Dr Selen’s blog is not only limited to neurology, she writes personal stories and a lot of other stuff on it as well. Dr Selen’s blog posts recently have been mostly about Jesus Christ. She once wrote that it is funny how many historians believe that Jesus is nothing but a fantasy version of Joshua and some even claim that neither existed in reality. The ones who believe that Joshua really existed but Jesus of Nazareth is a fantasy claim that it is a fantasy of many who consider that Joshua was born to be a Rabbi by the god but the circumstances turned him into a warrior. When Moses couldn’t keep his promise to the god of taking the children of Israel to the Holy Land, Joshua took the charge and did the unfinished job by himself. Dr Selen says that somebody needs to tell these guys that although there are many proofs of existence of Jesus of Nazareth, there is not a single one of that of Joshua of Jericho.

Dr Selen claims that Jesus was first arrested by the Jewish leaders and then handed over to the Roman and Temple Guards. Dr Selen claims that both Synoptic and John’s Gospels are true in this regard but they fail to explain the story.

In the May of this year, Dr Selen wrote a very lengthy and explanatory post about how it took him months to compile a list of some of the most trusted pokerqq websites.

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