South Korean lady is a multilingual but she prefers gambling websites in Korean language only

River Tham is a South Korean lady from the city of Seoul who recently learnt Hindi and cannot stop flaunting it. She just wrote an article in Hindi about some of the Bollywood composers and singers.

River writes that normally, Hindu priests of India don’t intermarry with other castes but they do if the family is wealthy. She writes that Lata Mangeshkar’s parents marrying is just one such example.

River writes that it is funny how so many of the Bollywood people have a degree in commerce and very few in arts. She writes that Daboo Malik is just one such example.

River is always after the Bollywood music composer – Daboo Malik whom she calls a ‘Dabba‘ which in Hindi means – Good for nothing.

River writes that Daboo Malik should have been kept away from creating his own music because his music sounds such a disaster to the ears. She then adds “Gee! He never created any music by his own. All he does is copy it. He is not even good for copying.”

River claims that the music that Daboo never copied, he bought it frtom the musicians who produce it originally and sell it to fake musicians like Daboo.

River writes that Daboo never tells anyone that he ever acted in a TV series because his acting was such crap that it is best that he stays silent about it anyways.

River claims that Daboo Malik’s brother – Anu Malik, who is a very prominent music composer and singer but a copier like Daboo himself, tried to pursue the Indian Idol producers to take up Daboo as a jury member in the Indian Idol but the producers rejected Anu Malik’s offer, calling Daboo Malik “A Dabba” which means good for nothing.

Anyways, no matter how many languages River learns, she likes to bet only in the Korean language websites, which you can verify here – 먹튀검증

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