St Petersburg’s cosmetic surgeon believes that the combo of cosmetic surgery and betting is essential for a happy life

Dr Natalia Drannikova is a cosmetic surgeon from the city of St Petersburg who believes that cosmetic surgery is one of the most underrated things in Russia. She says that even the rich people of Russia aren’t as easy and positive towards cosmetic surgery as the lower-middle class of the Western Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Dr Natalia believes that more Russians log into each day compared to the websites and blogs of all the cosmetic surgeons located in the city of St Petersburg alone which she believes is both good and bad. Good because she also logs in there regularly herself, and bad because she thinks that the Russians need to be as adventurous about their bodies as they are about their wealth.

Dr Natalia advises on the blog of her practice that you must always try to go for a cosmetic surgeon who has already treated a family member or a friend of yours perfectly before in order to make sure that you are in good and safe hands. She claims to have come across several cases where a person with a friend or a family member having been gone through a cosmetic surgery procedure very well by a surgeon didn’t choose to go under cosmetic surgery by that surgeon but instead an unfamiliar one, which sounds ridiculous to Dr Natalia Drannikova.

Dr Natalia claims that autologous fat grafting and fat transfer is one of the safest and recommended procedures if you need it. She says that if you go for the procedure with any certified cosmetic surgeon, feel safe.

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