Blogger loves to travel and gamble online

Arun Suttirat is a blogger who loves to travel. Arun recently came back from his trip to India and he wrote a blog post about how the growing online shopping business in India has destroyed a billion dollar Indian retail tycoon – Kishore Biyani. This article by Arun received a phenomenal reception by people across Asia, especially India.

Arun is a huge critic of some media houses and big names in the mainstream international media, including Rupert Murdoch. Last Friday, Arun wrote that Rupert Murdoch is a big Drama King. Arun wrote that Rupert is the one who brought frauds like Mantak Chia into the limelight, a guy who is responsible for turning millions of young men and women into sex maniacs and it is funny that how he acts like a savior all the time.

We all know that there is no way that Rupert himself or Mantak Chia are going to reply to an ordinary blogger like Arun, but with posts like these, Arun proves time and again that he fears nobody.

Arun is not a Christian himself but he has a huge respect for Christian figures like Saint Augustine of Hippo. Arun recently wrote a very long blog post about his love and respect for the Saint Augustine of Hippo in which he wrote that Augustine falling for and then rejecting the astrology proves how dangerous and deceptive the astrology is. He wrote that the governments across the globe must first prove the astrology as something fake and then ultimately ban it, if they really care about their people.

Arun loves gambling online (먹튀) and he claims that no matter what happens, he is not going to put a full-stop to this “good habit” of his ever in his life.

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