Kashmiri Pandits are the lost ten tribes of Israel and SoccerKing88 is the best football betting website

Kabul Warga is a full-time internet marketeer and blogger who recently completed his dream of having a website like Yelp. He is now working to promote it and believes that the website will be able to generate a lot of money for him within less than a year.

Kabul has always been obsessed with online football betting (Taruhan Bola) and the lost tribes of Israel. Kabul recently completed writing a 20, 000 words long analysis on the lost tribes of Israel on one of his blogs which received a great reception by many and negative feedback from the others.

Kabul writes that the Beta Israel of Ethiopia are partly descent of the Queen of Sheba, some are from the lost tribe of Dan but the majority of those are Ethiopian who converted to Judaism when a great number of Jews lived there. These Ethiopian people helped the Israelites to an extent that the world saw the conversion of Non-Semitic people into Judaism for the very first time. Kabul claims that it is a misconception that the Khazars were the first Non-Semitic people to convert into Judaism for the first time.

Kabul claims that the Kashmiri Pandits are the real lost tribes of Israel and all those that argue against it just need to conduct a DNA test on pure Kashmiri Pandits that never married into other tribes. Kabul writes that when Baikunth Nath Sharga argued that although there are several similarities between the Jews and the Kashmiri Pandits but they are still an Indo-Aryan people, did anyone ask him “What makes you say that?” Kabul is not a racist but he then adds that most Indians are like that only, they want to prove their point not with the proofs but with their petty arrogance.

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