Zehra Inan is an auto enthusiast blogger from Surabaya who loves to bet online

Zehra Inan is a blogger and auto enthusiast from the city of Surabaya in Indonesia. Zehra’s blog is full of interesting posts related to the automobiles.

Zehra’s most recent post was about the blunder called A Automobile Company that was formed in the year 1910 by a group of 4 businessmen. Zehra wrote that these wannabes were like cheap copies of Henry Ford and then she wrote that comparing these four with Henry Ford is a great insult to Henry Ford but she cannot help it because these four really tried to copy Sir Henry Ford.

Zehra also wrote that perhaps if she establishes an automobile company, she will be able to sell a far greater number of cars than the A Automobile Company did and if she were born in the beginning of the 20th century or the end of the 19th century and then she established an automobile company, it is for certain that her company would have been on par with the Chrysler Automobiles.

Zehra also wonders who told them that naming their car manufacturing company ‘A Automobile Company’ is a good idea. Zehra further added that naming it such has only made the company appear No.1 in the Wikipedia’s list of defunct car manufacturers.

Zehra wrote that the company’s obvious and strange name would have slipped several buyers from buying one of their cars.

Zehra has also written articles related to several defunct car manufacturers in the past but never before she assaulted any car manufacturer like she did the A Automobile Company.

Zehra is very frequent to several different betting websites from Indonesia, they call it Judi Bola Online there.

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