Why is it that some Korean ice cream parlour owners are more successful than the others? The answer is online gambling

Kevin Bever owns and operates a successful ice cream parlour in one of the plushest areas of the Changwon city.

Kevin’s ice cream parlour offers both indoor and outdoor seating facility. They also do chicken soup in the winters at Kevin’s ice cream parlour which is quite unusual according to the South Korean standards.

Kevin has been thinking about offering seasonal meals as well lately and he recently made a blog post regarding this.

Kevin has a neon sign written inside his ice cream parlour “Big Servings come at Big Prices” for the customers who complain about the size of the servings at his ice cream parlour.

The business for ice cream is sometimes so low in the winter season that the ice cream parlour owners incur losses on each and every day of the season, especially in South Korea but it is amazing how Kevin has never closed the parlour for that particular reason even after being in business for over a decade now.

Kevin has been advised by different friends of his to serve coffee in the winter seasons if he doesn’t want to close the business each winter and not incur losses but Kevin rejects their advise each time, mentioning that he is always going to maintain exclusivity in the business.

Kevin’s ice cream parlour is popular for the strawberry flavored ice creams and sundaes that they serve there.

Kevin writes on his blog that he finds it awkward when some ice cream parlours, coffee shops or restaurants play Christmas music when it is not the Christmas season.

Kevin writes on his blog that Shorbet aka Sorbet has been seeing great popularity after decades now, and constantly so.

Kevin says that the losses that he incurs in the winter seasons, he makes up with 먹튀.

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