Thai blogger loves to gamble, pray and study the auto industry

Elias Martinez is a Thai blogger whose blog is full of Catholic and Automobile related posts.

Elias writes that looking at one of the 12 apostles – Saint Andrew’s name, it seems like the whole family of Saint Andrew was open-minded and ahead of their times. Elias adds that although by profession they were petty fishermen, the whole family was very intelligent, broad-minded and wise nonetheless. Elias writes that he has always believed that the more intelligent and wise people are very ambitious unless they are shown the true way to god and Saint Andrew’s father and he himself are no exception. Elias writes that anybody who has read about Saint Andrew will tell you that Saint Andrew’s father used to be a very ambitious man.

Elias writes that if Saint Andrew were alive today, he wouldn’t mock the Vatican II day and night like the so-called old school Catholic priests and pastors have been doing for over past 3 decades.

Only Elias and god knows whether the story that Elias recently posted is true or not. Elias recently posted a story of his ultra-rich friend who wanted to buy a Bugatti but stopped after he learnt that Bugatti is owned by the Audi. Elias writes that this ultra-rich friend of his has owned Audis and Porsches before and he had nothing but horrible experience with the both.

Elias has claimed more than a couple of times on his blog that the gradual elimination of the Manual Transmission cars is a conspiracy by the Union of the Auto-Makers to extort more money from the consumers’ pockets.

Elias is very outspoken about his online gamble wins and his love and romance with

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