Banjarmasin lady spends more time betting than managing her baby clothing store

Carmen Fernandez is a 36 year old lady who owns a baby clothing store in the city of Banjarmasin, Indonesia. Carmen says that she is embarrassed that she spends most of her time betting on bola online rather than managing her store but then she also adds that what else she can do as online betting makes her more money than her baby clothing store.

Carmen is a blogger as well who writes that never before did expecting couples shop more than the couples that already had a baby ever before. Carmen writes that he doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad at what someone told her regarding why is it so with her store – “The reason why your store sees a greater footfall from the expecting parents is that your clothes don’t fit at all on a baby’s body.”

Carmen claims on her blog that most of the CBN success story tellers are paid actors and she even knows some of them in person. After making this claim, Carmen made a post writing that she is not scared of her life and how those CBN guys are planning to take her life away, although it has been over 10 months and nobody even touched her hair. She is well and alive.

Carmen claims that the journalists in the near future will inherit their place in the business and the profession rather than earning it.

Carmen claims that women fear less compared to the men and they are better overall in almost every other aspect. Carmen claims that the only hindrance that has been coming in the way of the women for centuries is them staying pregnant for 12 months of the year.

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