Christian author from Surabaya believes that Judi Bola could have cured the huge temperament of John the Apostle and James the Great

Louis Miller is a Christian author from the city of Surabaya, Indonesia who recently completed writing a book on the life of John the Apostle.

Louis writes in his book that the age gap between John the Apostle and James the Great was far greater than 3 years and it is evident from all the accounts. Louis adds that those who believe that there was only a 3 year age gap between the two brothers are clearly out of their minds.

Louis writes that John the Apostle’s healing powers were far superior to those of his brother James but inferior to other apostles, especially Thomas and Peter.

Louis writes in his book that after John met Jesus, he turned into a vegetarian but after Jesus passed away, he again along with his brother started fishing and eating fishes again, in other words, Louis writes that John and his brother James the Great started selling fishes and eating them right after the death of Jesus Christ, which means that their faith in the Jesus and his teachings was not strong enough.

Louis writes that there is a notion that John was also the most favorite of Saint Joseph among the 12 apostles of Jesus, which is a totally baseless one.

Louis writes in his book that Simon, the brother of Jesus used to have a lot of quarrels with John the Apostle and James the Great as he was also their type when it came to the temperament. Louis has an advice for all three of them but he wishes if they were all alive to listen to it and the advice is that judi bola could have cured their huge temperament.

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