This West Jakarta auto blogger has been making so much money with soccer betting that it made him think about starting his own used car dealership chain

James Millard is an auto blogger from West Jakarta, Indonesia who believes that Suzuki should have remained limited to building motorcycles and clothes as cars are not something that they can build well.

James claims that soon enough a technology will come into the picture that will make it possible for the heavier cars to have even a faster speed and better fuel efficiency that their lighter counterparts. James claims that this technology will put Suzuki cars out of the business as the only reason why their cars sell so much in the third world countries is that they make lighter cars with a very thin body so that their cars can generate a better fuel efficiency. James also adds that this technology will steal at least half of the business from Honda cars.

James believes that the Suzuki and Honda motorcycles are overrated in almost every respect whereas the Yamaha and Kawasaki motorcycles are extremely underrated. James claims that it is because the Yamaha and Kawasaki are not able to market themselves as good as Suzuki and Honda.

James claims that where many auto journalists, mechanics and bloggers are biased against the Volkswagen, including the infamous Scotty Kilmer of Youtube, many are biased for the Volkswagen on the other hand, especially the European and British ones, including Mat Watson of CarWow. James claims that where an average Volkswagen is not as reliable as a Honda or a Toyota, it is not as unreliable as a Hyundai or a Kia, it is something in the middle, James advises you to go for a Volkswagen if you really like a particular one.

James claims that he has been making so much money with the situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya lately that he has been thinking about creating his own used car dealership chain.

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