Fortaleza’s Bitcoins trader owns a grave site maintenance business and is also a conspiracy theorist

Nikola Cvijovic owns a grave site maintenance business in Fortaleza, Brazil. Nikola is also a part-time bitcoins trader. Hell, Nikola is also a conspiracy theorist and that’s the thing about him that I am most interested in.

Nikola is highly interested in the conspiracies going around in the Indian subcontinent. Nikola writes on his blog that the Ambani brothers own and control the greatest share of Indian mainstream media is nothing but a myth. Nikola writes that it is true that the Ambani brothers own a huge share in the mainstream media of India but it is far from the truth that they also control it, Nikola claims that Disney, TimeWarner and ComCast control all of the mainstream media and they are after the news channel that are not controlled by them. Nikola writes that the case of Tarun Tejpal, 9X’s Indrani Mukerjea and Peter Mukerjea and Sahara TV’s Subhrat Roy are the prime examples of this, and one should not forget that what happened to Surdarshan News’ founder Suresh Chavhanke.

Nikola claims that the Global Hunger Index is a complete phony. The prime example is the fact that the nation of India must have a rank of somewhere around 150 on it but they have been telling us that it has a rank of 103, just because the India is controlled by the nation that controls the Global Hunger Index and that nation goes by the name United States of America.

Nikola also claims that the World Economic Forum (WEF) Meeting that takes place once a year is a complete hoax and it should be renamed as New World Order Economic Forum (NWOEF) instead, because all the decisions that are taken in such meetings are taken for the benefit of the ones that run and rule the world and not in the world economy’s favor.

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