Everyone is skeptical that this Pak Kret Urologist is rich off online football gambling

Dr Ryan Parrish is an Urologist from Pak Kret, Thailand, who says that a slightly enlarged prostate can either destroy or make your sex life better, he then adds that in most cases, it destroys the same.

Dr Ryan has mentioned it at least four times on his blog that most 60+ patients are mostly concerned about how peaceful the clinic that they visit is, and he further adds that this age group is also the most frequent to an Urologist, hence if you are a new Urologist – make sure that you have a clinic with a pin-drop-silence environment.

Dr Ryan says that most of the stuff that they teach at the medical school to a Urologist becomes pretty much useless in the practical life of an Urologist. Dr Ryan claims that most of the Urologists that he knows, learnt it all on their own.

Dr Ryan says that for both nephrology and urology related issues, visiting a multi-specialty hospital is always a better bet. You will perhaps be surprised to learn that Dr Ryan is a completely independent practitioner.

Dr Ryan has also mentioned it more than twice on his blog that both the urologists and nephrologists are equally good for taking care of your kidney stones.

Dr Ryan Parrish writes on his blog that people who travel a lot through buses are very much more likely to get Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) compared to the ones who travel a lot through trains, he then adds, just like those who bet on Thai Football (บอลไทย) websites are more likely to get richer than the ones who gamble on any other website or real life.

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