History and Mythology lover seems to love online gambling even more

Eric Demaris is a Youtuber from Songdo-dong, South Korea, who seems to be quite obsessed with the historical Russian characters apart from the

Eric has made more than one video on Yuri I Vladimirovich, in one of which he wrote that it is a pity that many of the buildings that Yuri established do not exist anymore. In another, he claimed that the stories about Yuri I Vladimirovich’s illicit affair with his mother-in-law are totally false and baseless.

Eric really believes that Vseslav of Polotsk was a genuine black magician although he also admits that some of his sorcery stories have been exaggerated.

I personally know only one story of Vseslav of Polotsk’s magic which my grandma narrated to me once. She told me that Vseslav of Polotsk rightly predicted at the time when his son Gleb Vseslavich was born that he will rule Minsk for 18 years, which proved to be exact, this made the black magic believers around the world, especially in the Eastern Europe believe greatly in the magical prowess of Vseslav of Polotsk.

In one of his videos, Eric made a claim that the city of Kish in the ancient Mesopotamia and the city of Kishkhinda in the Hindu mythology show lots of resemblance and it shouldn’t be a surprise if the multi-religious scholars soon start claiming that they both were always one.

Eric says that it is a pity that there is not a single major female biblical figure that has shown to be as important as an Abraham, a Moses or a Noah, which shows us that even the most civilized of the societies in the pre-historic and ancient era used to be extremely patriarchal and even misogynistic.

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