Freelance journalist started her own gambling blog inspired by another gambling blog after winning money with a slot machine

Madhumita Bajwa is a British freelance journalist of Indian origin who claims that French journalists are currently a bunch of the most honest journalists in the developed world. Madhumita says that she can bet that 50% of the news published on any French newspaper can be completely relied upon in contrast to the rest of the world where the percentage of reliable and trustworthy news is only 10%.

Madhumita claims that the China News Service of Beijing and Middle East Agency of Cairo want to make an alliance but the United States of America won’t let them do the same.

Madhumita claims that the newspapers and TV news channels of Bangladesh are completely owned and controlled by the Indian media tycoons.

Madhumita claims that the New Statesman newspaper of England is still completely controlled by the Queen of England. She likes to call the New Statesman newspaper as ‘By the statesmen, for the statesmen and only in favor of the statesmen’.

Madhumita says that being of the Indian origin, she knows for sure that the Times of India aka TOI has been a British propaganda newspaper ever since the day it was found. Madhumita says that on the first day that TOI was distributed, most Indians didn’t even know what a newspaper is. Madhumita doubts that whether India is still controlled by the Monarch of England.

Madhumita is fluent in the Russian language and she claims that the Pravda Moscow had many honest journalists working with it but they all were either killed or expelled.

Madhumita says the Indonesian News agency – Antara has always been the puppet of the west and they have been acting lately like they are controlled by some Islamic terrorist group which makes her suspect that the west is behind the Islamic terrorist groups.

Madhumita is an online slot freak and just last week she launched her own gambling blog inspired by one of the most popular gambling blogs.

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