Everyone is wondering what would this Ophthalmologist Yenta need a Blank Calendar for

Dr Natalie Howard is an Ophthalmologist from Cleveland, Ohio, who claims on her practice’s official blog that most Child Opthalmologists are the ones who couldn’t do well as regular Opthalmologists.

Dr Natalie Howard claims on her blog that she tries to convince the patients to not go for a squint surgery for as long as possible, which has mostly resulted in negative consequences for her practice but she is still happy because she doesn’t treat her practice as a business like many others.

Dr Natalie believes that heavy exercising is bad for the eyesight of the older adults, especially if they have myopia. Dr Natalie Howard is well-aware of the fact that there are no studies proving this but she claims to have observed this on several of her patients including some of her family members.

Dr Natalie has some of the most popular retired Ohio WCW, WWE, TNA and WWF wrestlers as regular patients. Two of those even endorsed Dr Natalie on their blogs and Twitter.

Dr Natalie has high hopes with the panel of specialists that is working to reduce the complications caused by corneal transplant. She also sent a huge donation to each of the doctors in that panel.

Dr Natalie also claims to have been working on inventing a machine that can scan glaucoma at its initial stage in partnership with her engineer husband, who is so obedient to his wife that he would do anything that she asks for. When she asked him to download and print a Blank Calendar yesterday, he did it without asking her any questions regarding what she needs the same for, and then he wrote a 2000 word long post on his blog venting out his frustrations about marrying such a dominating yenta.

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