Jessica Safrankova preferred Hyundai and Kia when it came to shopping with the money that she won with bets

Jessica Safrankova says that buying expensive German cars is a folly committed mostly by the nouveau rich men and women. Jessica decided to buy three of the most expensive Hyundai and Kia cars instead with the money that she made working with one of the topmost Israel escorts agency.

Jessica already owns a business that manufactures anklets, bracelets, earrings and necklaces but after winning a huge amount with online gambling, she is now thinking about buying a company that manufactures rear-view radars for the bicycles.

Jessica says that whenever you are confused between heart and head, don’t listen to either but go to your mom and ask her what is needed be done in the given situation.

Jessica lived in Kazakhstan for a while and about the over-exaggerated smooth economy of Kazakhstan, Jessica doesn’t have much positive to say. Jessica says that in the entire financial year of 2016, not a single convertible car was sold in Kazakhstan.

Jessica has a baby on the way and she says that she never sings the praises of her spouse in public and she says that she is going to use the same policy for her baby as well, she says that she is never going to sing praises of her baby in the public no matter how good (energetic, beautiful, intelligent) he turns out to be.

Jessica lived in India for quite a while and Jessica says that the men in India ogle at the women wearing skirts very badly and she says that you are very safe there if you wear trousers instead of skirts there.

Jessica says that although there is a notion that all the Indian farmers are poor, the opposite is the condition for the wealthy and major land-owning farmers. Jessica says that major Indian farmers can be seen driving luxury German, British and Swedish cars while the poor ones can’t even afford a bicycle.

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