Summer Aubin discovered predictions of football when she was pregnant

Summer Aubin claims that superstitious people have lower IQ levels. Summer says that she knows several superstitious men and women and along with being superstitious, these men and women are extremely controlling as well. Summer says that these superstitious and controlling men and women have evil traits and instincts much higher than their non-controlling counterparts.

Summer is an engineer by profession and she used to work for a company where she was harmonious its fast and furious environment since day one.

Summer claims that women become more creative than men whenever they are pregnant. Summer discovered predictions of football when she was pregnant, she started her first business as well when she was pregnant and now when she is pregnant for the third time, she has already learnt 3 new languages.

Summer claims that there is a planet nearer than Mars to Earth which the ancient Persians and Hindus knew about. Summer is doing her utmost research on this planet by reading ancient books and texts, Summer claims that she will discover everything regarding this planet before popping out her third baby.

One of Summer’s best friends is a Muslim who got beaten up badly in the Republic of China just because he asked for halal food there to a rude Anti-Muslim small restaurant owner.

This Muslim friend of Summer is an individual video game developer who owns 2 successful gaming websites. He wants to make it big like the Rockstar Games one day. He is currently busy building a video game on Mumbai, India about the popular Indian mafia days when the smugglers turned into extortionists. This game will be set around the late 1980s or the early 1990s era.

His greatest hero of all times is Mughal emperor – ‘Akbar the Great’. He is planning to build a video game staged around the Mughal era in India as well.

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