Car enthusiast hopes to have a car engine museum of her own with the winning money

Syeda Hyana is an auto blogger whose blog posts are as popular to the automobile enthusiasts as the Burger King to the foodies.

Syeda Hyana says that financially well-off youngsters buy hot hatches whereas the financially backward youth buy saloons or used station wagons.

Syeda Hyana claims that she has the secret information that the Isuzu has been planning of starting its own full-fledged luxury car brand inspired by the Acura, Lexus and Infiniti.

Syeda Hyana says that if Kawasaki and Yamaha come together in an alliance and start building cars, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the big three Japanese – Nissan, Honda and Toyota will start suffering losses.

Syeda Hyana also says that if the General Motors goes bankrupt again during the Trump’s tenure, there is no way that the President Trump is going to help the GM in any way. Donald Trump hates the GM cars although he is always seen being chauffeured in one. Donald Trump is a shrewd politician who rides in GM cars to act like he only buys American, loves American and can only be seen in an American car.

Syeda Hyana is a very strong critic of the GM cars herself. Syeda Hyana says that GM has nothing extraordinary to offer and they are not fit to compete with any other car manufacturer, they don’t have the driveability of the Ford, they don’t have the good looks and interiors of Hyundai, they don’t have the reliability of Honda or Toyota, and they don’t have the style that can match any of their European rivals.

Syeda Hyana hopes to build a car engine museum soon enough with the money that she has been winning betting online with the help of a trusted Agen Bola. I really hope that soon enough Syeda Hyana achieves her target and I will perhaps be one of the first visitors to see her museum.

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