Linda Zelenkova bought 20 different battery operated ride on cars for her son with the money she won with playing baccarat

Linda Zelenkova is not a daughter or wife of a chairman of the board of directors of a major company but last week she bought a company that manufactures batteries for scooters and motorcycles. Linda is not a heiress or married or dating a sugar daddy but she bought her son 20 different models of battery operated ride on toy cars with GPS tracker installed in each of those. Wanna know how it all happened? Linda won 2 million Euros with เว็บบาคาร่า within a period of 2 months, thanks to her fluency in Thai language.

Linda is a car enthusiast with a love for Japanese cars. Linda says that Suzuki is one of the most underrated car manufacturers in the western world. Linda says that Suzuki’s engines are peppier and their cars are more reliable than Honda and Nissan. Linda says that there is a reason why 50 out of 100 cars in India are Suzuki.

Linda knows several people that are already in the automobile business and also many who want to get into it. Linda knows a Chinese businessman who is confident that one day he will own one of the topmost Chinese car manufacturing companies. He says that he is going to name his automobile company – Zhongguo Zhizao (meaning made in China) inspired by the name of Nissan which means made in Japan in the Japanese language. Linda says that the Chinese version of the made in China doesn’t sound smooth as the Nissan and it alone can prove to be fatal for the company, at least in the markets/countries outside China.

Linda says that she has the secret information that Fiat has taken an oath to destroy the Japanese cars and get its legacy back which Linda says that she is sure never going to happen.

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